St Kilda jumper design talk, Vol. #37

By Tom Briglia

The ISC website was updated in the past week or so and we got the first decent look at the 2012 clash jumper:

I certainly think it’s an improvement on the 2011 “Vague Cross” design, with the broader red and black panels on the front bringing it closer to the panel/slab jumper’s pre-mid 1990s changes.

St Kilda's 1915-1918 jumper, from

Of course, the horizontal stripe is there to give the cross effect and also to stop the AFL whinging about there not being enough white in the design; however it’s slightly but noticeably broader than the vertical stripe which, as they say in classics, throws it out of a whack a bit.

I and many fans I’m sure will be pleased to see something closer to the panel/slab jumpers (my red, yellow and black jumper fantasy not withstanding) taking the field against the traditional jumpers of teams such as Carlton, Melbourne and Essendon. It also shows off the club’s colours more boldly – genuinely a red, white and black jumper as opposed to a white jumper with a bit of red and black.

I get the feeling the preference here for the clash would be unbroken panels with the white stripe as per the above version and white back – closer to the design worn by the club from 1933-1952 and arguably as “traditional” as the current home jumper.