The 2014 Schneiderman rankings preview

By lethal

Now, I’ve been doing some thinking of late. Regarding, this year’s list of Schneiderman episodes that is and more specifically which of them have been the best.

I’ll get this out of the way right now: this isn’t the official top rankings. No, no, that’s going to have to involve some re-watches of various contenders and some scribbling on whiteboards and what not. This merely is me thinking aloud and getting down on the screen (?) what are potentially the real contenders for taking out the #1 ranking.

Without further ado…

  • Tom “Gettin’ Hickey With It” Hickey
  • Clinton “Brad” Jones
  • Jimmy “Chimbley” Webster
  • Tom “Head” Simpkin (RWB Favourite)
  • Eli “Dreads” Templeton

To just set up the atmosphere, the suspense and yada yada yada – just watch Lenny Hayes’ effort from 2013.